The Nirvana


Nirvana is union with the Supreme (Brahman), through moksha, i.e. release from the cycle of birth, and death and the pain, sorrow, and suffering of the human condition. Nirvana is the immediate experience of the ego-less self with the blissful Brahman. The Bhagavad-Gita has one of the clearest expositions of Nirvana, calling it Brahma-nirvana, i.e., union with Brahman, or extinction (of the ego) in Him. The Gita’s method is by the practice of yoga (joy, peace, vision all turning inward), through which one can ‘come to Brahman and know nirvana’. The Jams have somewhat similar ideas expressed in their own terms.

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  1. ihaiva says:

    who are the Jams? thanks

    1. Jams are the servant of Yamha, Yamha the god of Death

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