A yogi – someone who practices yoga & Veda




pasupatinath sadhu

A yogi is someone who practices yoga, a traditional Indian spiritual discipline which includes meditation and spiritual exercises. The female equivalent of this term is yogini. Generally, these terms are only used to describe masters and teachers of this discipline, and they are certainly not appropriate for people who only practice one aspect of yoga, such as the breathing and physical exercises incorporated into this ancient tradition. Numerous famous yogis have developed their own special interpretations of yoga traditions, and they teach them to disciples who are interested in expanding their spiritual practice .In Sanskrit, yuj means “yoke” or “union,” and yoga is a practice which focuses on achieving union with the divine. Archaeological evidence suggests that Indians have been involved in yoga for several thousand years, as seals, texts, and artwork show people in meditation and yoga poses. Several other Asian religions integrate yogic practice, especially in India; Buddhists, for example, may use meditation positions from yoga for their own meditation.

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