Holy India – world’s oldest religious tradition


Hinduism is the world’s oldest religious tradition; it goes back to the very dawn of history. The hymns composed some 5,000 years ago are still recited today. Hinduism is the third largest of the world’s religions, after Christianity and Islam. Nearly 800 million people or one-seventh of humanity call Hinduism their spiritual home. Millions more in South and Southeast Asia and in the Far East trace their spiritual roots to Hinduism. Hinduism is also the world’s largest pluralistic tradition. A multiplicity of spiritual paths and ways are recognized as valid in Hinduism. Hinduism is not based on the teachings of a single Prophet or a single Book. The teachings of many different sages and saints find home within Hinduism. God may be worshiped both in male and female forms. Hinduism has much in common with the earth based religious traditions of the world.

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  1. ihaiva says:

    please clarify what is meant by earth-based religions- thanks

    1. earth based mean to say the religions and Traditions held and found on this earth

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