The Remake of Soul – The Samadhi


Samadhi yoga is a style of yoga that combines conscious breathing, or pranayama, with gentle yoga postures, or asanas, to offer practitioners a spiritual path to enlightenment. In ancient Sanskrit, the classical language of India, samadhi, means bliss or super consciousness, and yoga means union. Samadhi yoga is a meditation practice by which the meditator seeks to gain a feeling of oneness with the object of meditation. Practitioners of this style of yoga often seek primarily to experience inner peace and higher states of consciousness, rather than to improve physical fitness.

Practitioners of samadhi yoga claim that anyone can reach spiritual enlightenment by practicing this style of yoga. Samadhi yoga combines pranayama, the breathing exercises used in classical yoga, with basic asanas, or yoga postures. The breathing exercises and postures used in this style of yoga are typically gentler than those used in some more active and strenuous styles, such as Power yoga. Samadhi yoga is generally appropriate for people of all fitness levels, since it typically focuses on breathing exercises and increasing the practitioner’s awareness of inner and outer physical and spiritual states.

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