The spiritual path Siddha Yoga

spirit of india

The spiritual path Siddha Yoga is essentially based on the philosophy that focus on the inner self can bring one closer to God. It draws heavily from the Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta Hindu spiritual traditions. Siddha Yoga is presented by its practitioners as an individual spirituality that is often developed in a community of fellow believers. Depending on individual perception of the organization, it is typically referred to as either a new religious movement or a cult. Siddha Yoga is a combination of daily practice and teachings imparted by a guru. The teachings include instruction on the basic philosophies of self discovery, service to others, and adherence to scriptural traditions of the Hindu religion. Practice includes meditation, chanting, and listening to sacred music. These activities are typically undertaken in meditation centers and on retreats, though some daily activities can also be practiced at home.

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