The yoga sutra

the yogi

The yoga sutra is the foundation of the central beliefs and philosophies of yogis. The book, The Essential Yoga Sutra, is divided into four chapters that organize the 195 apothegms or sutras, which are considered one of the six visions of reality. It also describes the eight disciplines a yogi must follow. The book was first written by the Indian philosopher and yogi master, Patanjali around the second century. He was not the first person to create the foundations of yoga; instead, they were passed down from teacher to student for years prior.Most people do not consider the yoga sutra to be sacred or based on any historical fact. The majority of yoga practitioners instead use the teachings within the book as a way to gain perspective and learn how to become closer to the spiritual world. For many, it serves as a guide on how to live and behave in society without giving in to the many temptations of the world. Without the yoga sutra, many believe that yoga would lose its focus and discipline that attracts many of its followers.


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