The sapta rishi


Rishis can be classified as brahmarshi, rajarshi and devarshi. Though all the three are engaged in the service of Vishwa vasudha (world) the areas of work are different. Brahmarshi is always engaged in chintan. He can reach to the depths of consciousness and subtlety of universe and find the principles of life. This type of research work is generally possible only in seclusion and hence brahmarshis lead a life of seclusion. Vashista, Vishvamitra and Yagnavalkya are examples of Brahmarshis.

Uttarkhand in Himalayas is such divine place where several bhramarshis are engaged in the research into tatvagnan and atma vignan and come out with the lofty principles, which can manifest divinity in man.The principles formulated by Brahmarshis are implemented by Rajarshis, who are engaged in the direct service of society. King Janaka is an ideal example of rajarshi.Devarshis are those who communicate the messages of Brahmarshis to others in inspiring words. Narada is an example of Devarshi who could inspire Dhruva, Parvati, Valmiki and Prahlada.

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  1. What are rishis?please define your terms, otherwise this remains a mystery to me, sorry!

    1. Dear Sir, A Rishi is a Spiritual Master who has mastered the Spiritual sciences through his long and persistent efforts. He is a person who has experienced God and because of that experience, is able to manifest God’s qualities in his living. Rishi is the personification of all the Spiritual qualities – Love, surrender, humility, detachment and accommodation.

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