The Rishihood


Rishihood is a spiritual state that is attained after the inner awakening, when the seeker chooses to guide others towards their liberation. A Rishi is free from the cycle of birth and death and though he can go back to his source at any time, he chooses to stay back for the benefit of others. Because he has transcended death, he can continue to live in the same body for thousands of years, without ageing, if that is required for his work.

In Himalayas and other places, there are innumerable Rishis who’re in deep tapas for eons, gathering and holding special energies. Yet, there are Rishis who choose to give up their bodies at death and take birth again. The reason could vary from one person to another — it could be to take birth on a different earth in another part of creation, or to take birth on this earth itself, in another part of the world, for a different purpose. This choice, like others, will be according to the divine plan and the Rishis follow the instructions of the SaptaRishis, the seven masters who’re the supreme administrators of God’s creation.


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    Nice thoughts, keep it up 🙂

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