The Shiva MahaPuran


The Shiva Purana has twenty-four thousand shlokas.  There are total 18 Paranas. and number of Uppuranas. Shiva Mahapuran is one of them. Each Purana represents one God and describes him as the supreme most and glorifies him. The Purana consists of other relevant anecdotes and stories, also which make it more interesting . At the same time, it makes us available . Some historical facts, also . By studying these Puranas., we can learn how to find some solace while experiencing struggle and hardships in life. Puranas. have kept our cultural values alive. They have nurture our spiritual progress, also.

Puranas. have made it easier for a common man to understand the divine knowledge explained by Vedas. Our poets have kept the religion and traditions alive by creating various Shloka’s, Bhajan’s


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