Mohini – the only female Avatar of the god Vishnu

2494872097_d5c3fe7482    FXCD0015-1 image3   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The first appearance of Mohini is during the great myth of the Churning of the Cosmic Ocean.The enchantress. Mohini , in Hindu mythology, is the name of the only female Avatar of the god Vishnu.According to the Hindu Puranas, as per the advice of lord Vishnu, demons and gods churned the ocean of milk to receive nectar (amrita of immortality) and when lord Dhanvantri appeared with the pot of nectar, the demons snatched the pot from Dhanvantri and thus a fight broke between them to drink nectar first. Lord Vishnu did not want the demons to drink the nectar, so in order to save the gods, Lord Vishnu took the form of a beautiful woman, Mohini to attract and lure the demons.

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