The YAGYA – means sacrifice, prayer

YAGYA is the word taken from YAJAN. It means prayer. There are many types of prayers for different

purposes. YAGYA means sacrifice, prayer, worship and total surrender to God for the achievement of desired results.This desired result may be good education, financial gain, development of business, good health, freedomfrom bondage etc.Yagna is the other name of yagya. Some people use it as yajna. It is a consciousness based vedic performance. Yagnas are. performed by vedic pandits with the aim to bring prosperity.

Yagya is a time-honored Vedic technology for the prevention of problems and the promotion of success and good fortune.

Yagya involves the application of specific prescribed sounds (Mantras), extracted from the Vedas, through recitation on a fine level of awareness by trained Vedic experts to achieve a specific effect: for example, to eliminate obstacles or defuse impending dangers, or to promote health, financial success—even world peace.


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