Ghost Tunnel no 33, Shimla-Kalka railway line, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla is the Beautiful Hill station of India, Reached shimla by Road or a Train,The entire route is preciously balanced on the side of massive hills with a staggering 806 bridges to cross and 103 tunnels to pass through. No wonder the Kalka-Shimla railway was called the British Jewel of the Orient when constructed in 1903. In 2008 the entire railway was given UNESCO World Heritage Site statues.shimla has a lot of ghost stories associated with it. There’s one about tunnel number 33 on the Shimla-Kalka railway line that has the ghost of a British sahib. Tunnels are as it is dark and have an terrifying, feel about them. The Barog Tunnel on the Kalka-Shimla railway line, which is claimed to be the straightest tunnel in the world, is also haunted. It’s also the longest tunnel (1143m) on the railway track and the train takes more than 2 minutes to cross it. A British engineer named Captain Barog was in charge of building it but due to some miscalculation the tunnel could not be made. The British fined him, but he felt so humiliated that he killed himself. He is said to be buried near the Barog Railway Station – although the friendly station master rubbishes this claim, and there is no easily visible tombstone to prove it either. His spirit apparently still roams around in the tunnel. But that is not all. Locals say they’ve seen a woman go screaming into the tunnel and then vanishing and a man who asks for matchsticks to light his cigarette.


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