Panch Tatva – The Five Elements

Human being is Gods wonderful creation. To provide peace and prosperity God has created nature. Human body is made up of (panch tatva) five elements like – Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. When panch tatva are in balance then it provides happiness, success, prosperity, peace etc. The chakra of universe revolves in Panch Tatva. Brhama, Vishnu, Mahesh Tridev work together on this.

Essentially, Panchtatva is a beautiful sanskrit word that means five elements (Panch = Five + Tatva = elements). It is often referred to the air, water, nature etc in ancient texts.


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  1. ajay says:

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    Parntu fatte hi vaayu ka tej pravah hota hai
    Pritvi ki adhiktam sakti uski duri hai bhuri nahi matlab lattu ko jitna door teji se feko utna tej chalta hai

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