Dev Kamrunag – The Historical lake formed by pushing elbow and forearm on the peak of the mountain

Kamrunag : Known as the Lord of Rain, Temple in Distt.Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India. The temple of Kamru Nag is situated at village Kamrah in Mandi covered with dark Deodar Trees. Dev Kamrunag’s original name was Ratan Yaksh and he was a self learned warrior. He would practice by keeping Lord Vishnu’s idol in front of him and he considered it as his master, A fair is held at this place on 14th of June every year. People make various offerings including ornaments, coins etc. According to tradition the offerings to the deity are thrown in a small lake nearby. A priest acts as a medium on behalf of the Nag Devta. Mythology says that this lake was formed by Pandawas when they were on their way after Mahabharata with Deity Kamrunag (Kamru Valley today) to find best place for their teacher, Dev Kamrunag and Deity love the isolation of this place so much that he decided to stay here for the rest of his life. On his request, Bheemsen one of the Pandava brothers formed the lake by pushing his elbow and forearm on the peak of the mountain. And that is the reason believed by locals after oval-shaped lake with depth is unknown. 


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