Lord Indra – Indian god of rain

Lord Indra, the Indian god of rain, is believed to be the leader of all the Devas. He is the son of Aditi and sage Kashayapa. His capital city is Amravati, in the heavens. He possesses an elephant known as Iyravata and a divine cow named Kamadhenu. This cow is capable of yielding anything desired by the seekers and hence Indra is very rich.

Indra is the principal deity of the Rig Veda. Most of the hymns in this primary text of Hinduism are addressed to him. Indra, is all powerful and supreme among gods. He is the lord of the skies, of thunder and rain.
Story goes that his mother Aditi knew he would never perish and so when she sensed some danger to herself, she decided to abandon the child, knowing full well that he would survive wherever he went. But Indra refused to go and followed his mother. He chanced to drink some the juice of the soma plant (intoxicant) and so gained even greater strength. Then when the demon Vrtra advanced towards his house, Aditi tried to hide Indra, but Indra plunged into a full fledge battle. Vrtra blocked rivers and so caused great sorrow to the followers of Indra. This battle is recorded as one of the most famous ones in Hindu mythology. Though Indra is said to have sought the blessings and support of Lord Vishnu, his victory over Vrtra made him a legend even in his times.


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