Temple of Goddess Ugratara

The “Temple of  Ugratara” is situated in village Mahishi , It has a great archeological, historical and religious values. The temple is of ancient times and is a main center of “Tantra Meditation” too due to its speciality of forming an equilateral with “Chandi Temple” of Biratpur and “Katyayani Temple” of Dhamara Ghat near Nepal Border. Thus this temple is an immense source of power and draws devotees from far and wide not only from India but also from adjoining countries like Nepal, Bhutan, China and Tibbet. According to one, 500 BC Maharshi Vashishtha did a deep meditation of “UgraTara” in china and after that Devi Tara agreed to live with him as a teenage girl so he can worship in presence of her but she kept a condition that if anybody would talk evil of them, she will disappear. Maharshi Vashishtha agreed upon this and came with her to the forests of then “Mahishmati” now “Mahishi” and started worshipping her.


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