The Holy Saint Baba Parkashpuri Ji

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Baba prakash puri jiBaba prakash puri ji

A divine soul took birth In the latter half of nineteenth century on an auspicious Thursday. The day of the birth of this divine consciousness fell on Guru Purnima (a full moon day falling on the day dedicated to the Guru). In childhood Satya Parkash was having an extra ordinary dream regularly and repeatedly. he was wearing the saffron clothes. He, now, started enjoying the company of holy men and saints. It seemed that he was gradually moving towards the illumined world of school and moving towards the illumined world of spirituality. He would humbly present to the sadhus whatever he possessed. Slowly, but certainly, his mind now was moving towards the world of renunciation and detachment. Giving up the school education, Satya Prakash become eager to sit at the feet of a Sadguru so that he could realize his spiritual self. After renouncing home and family, the young Satya…

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