Steps for Pavanamuktasana

 This Yoga Pose burn the abdomen fat and make it as good shape. It also helps to reduce the body weight. This Yoga Pose contains two stages. One stage is for upper body and other for total body workout. Pavanamuktasana knows as Wind Removing Pose, which is beneficial for Gas Problems and Poor Digestion.

Steps for Pavanamuktasana:

1.Lie down in supine position with your arms beside your body and feet stretched out, heels touching each other.

2.Fold your knees.

3.Inhale deeply and while exhaling, slowly bring the folded knees towards the chest, with thighs exerting pressure on the abdomen. Make sure that your knees are held in place with the help of clasped hands.

4.Inhale again and while exhaling, lift your head in such a way that your chin touches the knee

5.Hold the position for about 30 to 60 seconds, while breathing deeply

6.Slowly exhale, and release the knees while bringing your head back to the floor.

7.Relax in Savasana.Exhaling slowly, bend your knees, curve the back, and gently and carefully, allow your body to return to the initial position.

Repeat the pose thrice, leaving a 15-second interval between repetitions. Those who are new to yoga can practice the pose with a single leg.


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