Praise My Asus Zenfone2 as your next phone!

The Asus Zenfone2 is my favorite phone of all time. It was also my first smartphone, and the device that inspired a lifelong passion for technology. Latest Features in  Asus Zenfone2 64-Bit Super Quad Core Processorr Immersive 3D Gaming Experience Touch That Reacts In An Instant – Incredible 60ms Response New Interface Design, Multiple Themes,…

Just Respect Elders – Stop Abuse!

Elder abuse is a global social issue which affects the health and human rights of millions of older persons around the world, and an issue which deserves the attention of the international community. Preventing family violence, including the abuse and neglect of older people, is an important community and social policy issue in the world….

Do you know about Karwa Chauth?

‘Karwa Chauth’ is a ritual of fasting observed by married Hindu women seeking the longevity, well-being and prosperity of their husbands. It is popular amongst married women in the northern and western parts of India.

Siddhavat – where Post-funeral rites are performed

Siddhavat of Ujjain holds a special place for all hindu pilgrims. Post-funeral rites are performed here at the Siddhavat ghat of holy Shipra. Skanda Purana has referred to this place as Preta-shila-tirth. According to some opinion Parvati performed her penances here. This has also been a place of worship for the followers of Nath sect….

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple – According to legend, Lord Shiva’s consort Sati once burnt herself alive in Yagna to avenge an insult to Lord Shiva. The distraught Shiva picked her corpse and gyrated his horrified dance. Then Lord Vishnu unleashed his Chakra and cut the Sati’s body into fifty one pieces to save the earth from…