The Brahmacharya

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Brahma aacharya is Brahmacharya. The person who follows the Brahma thathwa in maintaining the discipline of body and mind is a Brahmachari. A Brahma aachari alone can know the Brahmaswa of the aathman through meditation.

Prasnopanishad says: “Here is Brahmana wherein the master clearly points out that no upasana is possible or spiritual perfection practicable without austerity, Brahmacharya or celibacy and faith”. Certainly, in these days, over-indulgence, sensuousness and lack of faith, these conditions would read as almost a list of impossible terms for a human personality to follow. In fact, if we understand the importance of these three terms in their perspective, we shall find a complete and satisfactory intellectual appeal to accept and justify the scriptural insistence upon these three conditions.

Brahmacharya is not merely a control of sex impulse, as people generally understand. The man who follows the Brahma thathwa, the man who has realized…

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