The Ancient tradition of Narbali [Human sacrificing]

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There was an ancient tradition of Narbali [Human sacrificing] ,  for the purpose of pleasing the God, was an orthodoxy and crime due to ignorance in human society. It was  practised  throughout the world even in highly civilised societies due to ignorance and blind faith. Uttarakhand the land of kind hearted rulers and public was also influenced by that social evils, after external aggressions and public was  forced to preserve  the systems came with invaders. There was only existing animal sacrificing or Pashu Bali  before periodical external aggressions including from central Asia.It was popular amongst the kings of  Khas dynasty and Kanfata Nath Jogis. The animal sacrificing traditions like Athwad[ sacrificing the male buffalo  & goats]  and Astha bali[ sacrificing eight goats together] is still existing in Uttarakhand. The Nar Bali was preserved by Kings and Tantriks till end of Gorakha domination  in 1814 AD. It was a political pressure on public , to break the possible revolutions against…

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