How Viparitakarani Yoga helps?

Yoga and meditation were designed to go together: the yoga helps strengthen the body for long meditation seasons,  the meditation helps the mind get into the body for yoga. All the yoga asanas you would learn or must have heard about would be useful one way or the other. Viparita – would mean inverted, opposite karani would mean – in action, an act of doing. It is also known as the leg-up-the-wall-pose. Most of the yoga positions keeps your feet on ground but this position does the opposite, helping you ease up your muscles by the flow of blood from the leg to your head.This helps in many ways to calm your nervous system which would have worn out by excessive use. This asana would help you in all the possible ways to restore your health. While doing this asana by concentrating on your testes or ovaries, it can prove to be very beneficial to your reproductive system. This asana helps you keep your strength and vitality intact. It prevents premature aging by giving you a wrinkle free skin.

* Information on the traditional uses and properties of Yoga are provided on this site is for educational use only, and is not intended as medical advice. all image credit goes to their Photographers.

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