The Dance Revolution

Dance is seen only as an art to some individuals but in actuality it is a hard working sport as well. Dance develops balance, control, posture, focus and fine tuned listening skills. Because dance inherently involves problem solving, pattern and sequence, it enhances higher thinking abilities. Dancing promotes self confidence, creativity and a sense of exuberance in accomplishment. Dancers may be classified as a ballet dancer, jazz dancer or hip hop dancer based on their style. Dancing is very enjoyable and provides a healthy source of exercise. There are many types of challenging dances to do. The Indian civilization has been around for over 5,000 years. Historians believe India was discovered by a group of invaders named the Aryan. Through these years India was involved in many wars, creation of many religions and the home to many great leaders in the past. India has been ruled by many empires and now is reconstructing itself to become the powerful country it had been.“India is the cradle of human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great-grandmother of tradition. Mark Twain.


Those in search of a new meaning to dance, in a changing world seeded Modern Dance. Dancers wanted to achieve the changing pace of other art forms during this time of transformation, when India was waking up culturally. Mean While even though The Dance Bible started an Modern dance system is a major Achievement in itself . The Dance Bible; a first of its kind online platform for dancers, choreographers, dance educators, dance parents and all dance enthusiasts worldwide; promises to be this and much more.


  The Dance Bible not only offers unique content about various dance styles informing the user about dance histories, biographies, health & nutrition etc; but also keeps the user informed of upcoming events in their city and keeps them entertained with interviews, audio and video playlists. There are two unique features in this website,  The Portfolio and The Dance Forum section. Under Portfolio section, a dancer can create their own profile telling  about their dance story, uploading photos and videos of dance. The Dance Bible can network and promote their talent to a worldwide audience and also get to meet like-minded dancers in the process.  Dance Forum is a special networking channel where you can ask anything and everything related to dance! Simply  It is a one stop platform for all dance lovers to come together and connect through the art of Dance.

The Portfolio Create your own profile telling about your dance story, uploading photos and videos of your dance.  Here

The Dance Forum special networking channel where you can ask anything and everything related to dance Here

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  1. Dance requires more discipline and focus than ANY sport. In addition, at its core, is aesthetic expression. I was a Modern Dancer. Looks easy but it’s not. In addition, I studied Ballet and Jazz. All focus on specific parts of the body, isolating them and teaching the body the many options of movement. Modern Dancers look to the solar plexus as the core of movement. And then we have other forms of Dance, culturally attached to their beliefs – such as the Whirling Dervishes who spin and spin until they reach a higher spiritual experience.

    Dance is good.
    Dance is beautiful.
    Dance represents the liberation of the body, but through intense and focused study – that’s how you get there.

  2. faridawrites says:

    Hello Vikas.. I have nominated you for Bloggers Award – Brotherhood of the World. Kindly check the link for further details and rules:

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