Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji

Baba Deep singh was born on the 20th January 1682 A.D. in the village of Pahuwind in district of Amritsar.He was the leader of Shaheeda’n Misl under the forces of Taruna Dal. He sacrificed his life avenging the destruction of Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar by the forces of Ahmad Shah Abdali. His father’s name was Bhai Bhagtu. He went to Anandpur on the Vaisakhi of 1700 A.D., where after obtaining baptism (into Sikhism) he started learning weaponry and riding from the Sikhs. From Bhai Mani singh he began learning reading and writing Gurmukhi and interpretation of Guru’s word. When Baba Deep Singh came to know that Jahan Khan, a General of Abdali, had violated the sanctity of Sri Darbar Sahib, he set our in that direction immediately accompanied by only eight Sings. On the way large batches of Singhs joined him. But, at Sangarana, he drew up a line and asked them to cross it over if they were willing to lay down their lives. Everyone jumped over the line without hesitation. Baba Deep Singh had his head chopped off in the fight, but he caried it on his hand and fought his way to the periphery of the Darbar Sahib where he finally breathed his las. SHAHEED BUNGA BABA DEEP SINGH: The place is in the memory of Baba Deep Singh’s (A Great Sikh Warrior) who sacrificed for the dignity of Sri Harmandir Sahib while fighting with Mughals in 1762. This place stands as a memory to the bunga of Shaheed missal to which Baba Deep Singh belongs.

In 1762 Harmandir Sahib was invaded by Mughal invader Ahmed Shah Abdali. As the news of sacrilege of Harmandir Sahib reached Baba Deep Singh, at once moved towards Amritsar, by the time it reached Tarn Taran city the strength rose to nearly 5000. Baba Deep Singh made a prayer that he reaches Harmandir Sahib while fighting the enemy. While nearly 6 miles from Amritsar there was a pitched battle between Baba Deep Singh and Shah Jamaan (the Mughal commander). Shah Jamaan fell down where as the head of Baba Deep Singh was nearly chopped of. One of the Sikh soldiers reminded Baba Deep Singh of the prayer he had made. Baba Deep Singh supported his head with left hand and continued moving towards Harmandir Sahib. This mere scene made the Mughal army run back foot. Baba Deep Singh reached Harmandir Sahib. This Gurdwara in memory of Baba Deep Singh, reminds one of the prayer made by a Sikh devotee and fulfilled.

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