Ranthambore National Park – Project Tiger

Ranthambore National Park is in Sawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan state.Located at the junction of the Aravalli and Vindhya hill range, this is one of the finest places to view animals, especially as they are used to being stared at here.The park covers an area of Approximately 400 sq Km and if combined it with the area of sawai man singh sanctuary area,it is around 500 Sq km. Ranthambore national park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1957 and in 1974 it gained the protection of “Project Tiger”. It got it’s status of a National Park in 1981.The scenery changes dramatically from gentle and steep slopes of the Vindhyas and sharp and conical hills of the Aravali. A tenth century fort also blends amicably with the background. Pure sands of Dhok (Anogeissus pendula) interspersed with grasslands at the plateaus, meadows in valleys and luxuriant foliage around the canals make the jungle. Three big lakes – Padam Talab (meaning Lake), Malik Talab and Raj Bagh – are similar turquoises studded in the vast forest that abounds with aquatic vegetation including duckweeds, lilies and lotus.

The main food source for the tiger is the swamp deer like Barasinsga and on occasion the wild buffalo and also wild boar etc. If you wish to stay near the park, the facilities on offer are superb. The park gates open a half hour before sunrise and close half hour after sunset. The timings are vigorously imposed and no exceptions are made to this rule.A significant geological feature within the park is the ‘Great Boundary Fault’ where the Vindhaya plateau meets the Aravali range. The Rivers Chambal in the South and the Banas in the North bound the National Park. The park is dotted with steep rocky hills and the dominating architecture of Ranthambore Fort (built in the 10th century), adds to its landscape. The rugged park terrain alternates between dry deciduous forest, open grassy meadow, dotted by several lakes and rivers that are only made passable by rough roads built and maintained by the Forest Service.The tiger is not the only attraction at Ranthambore although it is the one park resident that people come to see. A variety of birds including Owlets, the ubiquitous Langur (monkey), Leopard, Caracal, Hyena, Jackal, Jungle Cat, marsh Crocodiles, Wild Boar, Bears and various species of Deer are the other attractions. 

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  1. Nice information.
    I will also recommended Tadoba National park. Best resort for jungle safari

    1. Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve situated in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra state is one of the oldest and largest National Park of central India. Located in the heart of India Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve is a treasure house of innumerable species of trees and plants and is also a natural habitat of Bengal Tigers and other mammals like Leopard, bears, hyenas, Jackal, Sambar etc.

      Tadoba National Park and Andhari wildlife sanctuary together form Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve (TATR) and is included in Project Tiger programme monitored by National Tiger Conservation Authority. TATR is a paradise for wildlife enthusiastic, naturalist and photographers.
      Tadoba Tiger resort

      If you are looking for budgeted hotels in Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve then Tadoba Tiger resort situated near Navegaon gate of entry at Khadsangi is just made for you.

      It is a wildlife focussed jungle Lodge. The topography of this resort gives access to some of the most picturesque location of Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve. Since the resort is situated at higher altitude it provides an excellent opportunity to Naturalist, ornithologist, photographers and wildlife Documentary maker to explore some of the most rare species of plants and animals.

      Tadoba Tiger resort offers six deluxe standard air-conditioned room with attached bathroom and all urban amenities like LCD Display, Wi-Fi network, round the clock water supply and a facility to add one extra bed in each of these rooms. The restaurant in the resort serves both veg and non-veg food. The resorts also provides vehicles for sightseeing and Tiger sighting.

      Eco-friendly Tadoba Tigers resorts takes pleasure in arranging wildlife safaris and study tours guided by experienced environmentalist. The safaris are arranged in open Gypsies with capacity of six peoples. A trained environmentalist facilitates elusive tiger spotting and bird watching during the entire expedition. Jungle safaris are arranged twice in a day but it is desirable to book the safari in advance.

      Tadoba tiger resort is highly techno-savvy and provides online booking facilities for accommodation, Jungle safaris, and study tours.

      1. Thanks for your Information Dear 🙂

      2. Excellent I visit your website 🙂 beautiful resort 🙂 as a traveler and adventure writer i want it to visit Soon 🙂

      3. please provide me some pics i will publish it on my blog and link back to your website, if you agree than please send ASAP. 🙂

  2. Sandhya says:

    Excellent photograph of the majestic tiger!

    1. Thanks @ Sandhya 🙂

  3. Alok Singhal says:

    Nice information and great pics 👍

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