Japan Airlines (JAL) – world’s best airline for its on-time performance service

Image Credit: poskyarchive.com 


Japan Airlines (JAL) is the world’s best airline for its on-time performance service, according to FlightStats Inc., an independent aviation performance-tracking company, which today presented JAL with its Major International Airlines On-time Performance Service Award for 2015. The predecessor of our current company, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. was founded on August 1, 1951 with 100 million yen in capital, and began scheduled air transportation on domestic routes independently from October of the following year. Based on the Japan Airlines Act (Act No. 154 of 1953), as of October 1, 1953, the current company was established with 1 billion yen in government funding and 1 billion yen in sales, for a total of 2 billion yen in capital. In this way, the established company inherited all of the rights and obligations of the previous company, and became licensed to become the nation’s only scheduled international air carrier, along with its domestic routes. 51 countries and regions (including Japan. Guam is included in US, and Papeete (French Polynesia) is included in France) 305 Airports (including Japanese Domestic).

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