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The Gaddi community, living primarily on either sides of the Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal Pradesh, is among the most enigmatic anthropological groups inhabiting the Indian subcontinent. Gaddis have lived and supplemented the greater mountain culture of the region for centuries, and yet maintained a very distinct identity for themselves. In Himachal Pradesh, Gaddis are mainly settled in the Ravi and Budil river basins in Bharmaur, and scattered across Kangra, Chamba, Mandi and Kullu districts on the outer foothills of the Dhauladhar mountains and also on the fringes of the Pir Panjal ranges.

The different tribes in Himachal Pradesh include the Kinners or Kinnaure, Lahules, Spitians, Pangwalas, Gaddis and Gujjars. Gaddis are people who normally reside in the Mandi, Kangra and Bilaspur district and a majority of them live in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. They are Hindus and belong to several castes including Brahmin, Rajput, Dhangar, Khatri, Rana…

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  1. lorieb says:

    I am pleased to meet you Vikas. Do you have any relatives living in Canada? I worked with a pathologist named Vera (could be a short name for something else) Acharya in Ottawa years ago

    1. Dear Lorieb, I am very please after seen your comment on my blog, I am currently lived in India. and i have no relatives in Canada. But from my heart I really want to visit the Canada but i have no reference. My surname is Acharya and there is no other short form in Hindi Acharya means Guru or Teacher. if you need any help please contact me 🙂 again many thanks for your support visit.

      1. lorieb says:

        thanks for visiting my blog too

        1. Please let me know if you are help me out for Canada visa

          1. lorieb says:

            what kind of help do you need?

            1. I am looking a job in US so please guide me is there any job vacancy over there, I am a Hospitality student having 9 years Exp. in Travel & Tourism Industry.

              1. lorieb says:

       this is a link to some jobs available in Canada, you will have to search for something similar in the US

                1. So many thanks for your support 😃 you are so kind… I am lucky to have a great friend at Canada 🍁..

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