Swami Vivekananda -India’s spiritual heritage

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Vivekananda was proud of India’s spiritual heritage, but he believed that no individual or nation can live by holding himself or itself apart from the community of others. He condemned the caste system, rigid rituals, century old superstitions and advocated liberty, free thinking and equality. Vivekananda was indeed, a patriot from the core of his heart. He had tremendous faith in the evolution of Indian culture and an intense zeal to revive all that was good and great in her culture so as to serve her in all possible ways for her onward march. Swami Vivekananda laid stress on Ramakrishna’s teaching on the essential oneness of all religions. He promoted the Vedanta philosophy which he considered the most rational system. The principal feature of Vivekananda’s social philosophy was his insistence on the upliftment of the masses. For him, service to the poor and downtrodden was the highest religion. To organize…

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