Tanta – A city in Egypt

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The name Tanta is ancient name that was known in Egypt since thousands of years. The Pharaohs have called this area Tanaso in the ancient Egyptian history and it was one of the towns of the fifth province of ancient Egypt. In the 4th century BC, the Greeks have called the city “Tanitad”, and then in the Roman period, it was called “Tanthna” and a council of senates were assigned to rule the city. In the Byzantine era, the city was called “Tow” and after the Moslems opened Egypt in 641 AD, the name of the city has changed to become “Tantada”.  During the early Islamic the importance of the city was diminished and it was transformed from being a whole town to become a suburbia, or a village that hosted a little number of small houses and huts that were constructed out of brick stones.   During the 10th century…

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