Manda festival: Praying for rain


With Sarhul festival over on Sunday, April 10, Manda festival was on Wednesday, April 13. While Sarhul is celebrated to mark beginning of New Year by worshiping trees, Manda is celebrated to pray for rain.

The traditional festivals of the tribals are being celebrated even today with undaunted belief and maintaining its originality. The classic example in the genre is the Manda festival of Jharkhand. This festival is observed to appease the Sun God and pray for rain during the hot and dry month. In tribal society there is belief that Lord Shiva fulfills the desire of those people, who participate in the Manda festival.

During this festival, processions are brought out from the premises of the temple of Lord Shiva and taken to other villages. Farmers lie with sticks outside Shiva temple, as they wait for blessings from the main priest of the temple on a hot afternoon during…

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