What is Twenty-20 cricket? and T20 World Cup 2016 Schedule

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Twenty-20 cricket format is the latest addition to the game of cricket. The format has gained great popularity in a short time and has brought a carnival type of atmosphere to the game of cricket. The laws of 20-20 cricket are a bit different. The first formal Twenty20 game was played in 2003. The sole purpose was to make cricket even more interesting and appealing. Though, most of the rules in Twenty20 cricket very the same as traditional cricket, some of the rules were created afresh to provide meaningfulness to the game, because of the reduced overs in the new format. In each innings the number of the total overs bowled by each bowler cannot exceed four. In case the bowler throws a no ball (delivering the ball overstepping the popping crease), the rival team will not only get an extra run, they’ll also get a free hit in the next delivery. So, the only way a batsman can be declared out is through a “run out” attempt in the next delivery. According to the rules in a Twenty20 cricket match, there cannot be any tie. In case of a situation, where the match ends up in a tie, each of the two teams would nominate three batsmen and one bowler to play an additional one over per side. This final over is called Eliminator or Super-over. It is also called the One 1. In first scenario, any team losing two wickets before the over is finished, loses the match. If it does not happen, the winning team is decided on the basis of run scored by each team in its Super Over. ICC World Twenty20 for the year 2016 is scheduled to be held in India from 8 March to 3 April and will be played in seven cities; Nagpur, Dharamsala, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mohali and New Delhi. 16 teams have qualified for this tournament. 8 teams have directly qualified for Super 10. Two top most teams out of the 8 qualified teams of group stage will join the Super 10. During the first six overs, a maximum of two fielders can be outside the 30-yard circle which is known as power play. And after the first six overs (power play), a maximum of five fielders can be outside the fielding circle. In general terms we can say that the duration in which both teams play their games with full capability which can be referred as Power Play. The team which is batting wants to take charges more and more so that they can add some easy runs in their total whereas the bowling team wishes to restrict them with their main line bowlers. Often we see the team who is batting losses their wickets early just because of pushing themselves to take the advantage of power play.

Following is the complete schedule of the sixth ICC World Twenty20.2016

No. Date Match Venue Time
1 8th March 2016, Tuesday Zimbabwe vs Hong Kong Nagpur PM
2 8th March 2016, Tuesday Scotland v Afghanistan EVE.
3 9th March 2016, Wednesday Bangladesh v Netherlands Dharamsala PM
4 9th March 2016, Wednesday Ireland v Oman EVE.
5 10th March 2016, Thursday Scotland v Zimbabwe Nagpur PM
6 10th March 2016, Thursday Hong Kong v Afghanistan EVE.
7 11th March 2016, Friday Netherlands v Oman Dharamsala PM
8 11th March 2016, Friday Bangladesh v Ireland EVE.
9 12th March 2016, Saturday Zimbabwe v Afghanistan Nagpur PM
10 12th March 2016, Saturday Scotland v Hong Kong EVE.
11 13th March 2016, Sunday Netherlands v Ireland Dharamsala PM
12 13th March 2016, Sunday Bangladesh v Oman EVE.
13 15th March 2016, Tuesday New Zealand v India Nagpur EVE.
14 16th March 2016, Wednesday West Indies v England Mumbai PM
15 16th March 2016, Wednesday Pakistan v Bangladesh Kolkata EVE.
16 17th March 2016, Thursday Sri Lanka v Afghanistan Kolkata EVE.
17 18th March 2016, Friday Australia v New Zealand Dharamsala PM
18 18th March 2016, Friday South Africa v England Mumbai EVE.
19 19th March 2016, Saturday India v Pakistan Dharamsala EVE.
20 20th March 2016, Sunday South Africa v Afghanistan Mumbai PM
21 20th March 2016, Sunday Sri Lanka v West Indies Bengaluru EVE.
22 21st March 2016, Monday Australia v Bangladesh Bengaluru EVE.
23 22nd March 2016, Tuesday New Zealand v Pakistan Mohali EVE.
24 23rd March 2016, Wednesday England v Afghanistan New Delhi PM
25 23rd March 2016, Wednesday India v Bangladesh Bengaluru EVE.
26 25th March 2016, Friday Pakistan v Australia Mohali PM
27 25th March 2016, Friday South Africa v West Indies Nagpur EVE.
28 26th March 2016, Saturday Bangladesh v New Zealand Kolkata PM
29 26th March 2016, Saturday England v Sri Lanka New Delhi EVE.
30 27th March 2016, Sunday India v Australia Mohali EVE.
31 27th March 2016, Sunday Afghanistan v West Indies Nagpur PM
32 28th March 2016, Monday South Africa v Sri Lanka New Delhi EVE.
29th March 2016, Tuesday Rest / Travel Day
33 30th March 2016, Wednesday New Zealand vs. England New Delhi 19:00 IST (13:30 GMT)
34 31st March 2016, Thursday India vs. West Indies Mumbai 19:00 IST (13:30 GMT)
35 3rd April 2016, Sunday Final Kolkata 19:00 IST (13:30 GMT)

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