Treeman of Indonesia- DeDe Kosawa

Dede Kosawa is known as The Treeman. The young Indonesian man has epidermodysplasia verruciformis, an extremely rare skin disorder that results in the growth of scaly lesions and warts, particularly on the hands and feet. In Dede’s case, the thick carpet of warts on his hands and feet appear like bark of a tree.In 2007 a video documenting his condition was posted on the internet and Dede soon rose to fame, appearing on the Discovery Channel and the TLC series ‘My Shocking Story’. By August in 2008 Tree Man underwent surgery to have 13 pounds worth of warts removed from his body, a total of 95% of them being removed. However, the warts grew back and now Dede Koswara will have to undergo surgery twice a year for the rest of his life, if he wants to keep those warts at bay. 

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