Visit Slovakia -Let’s explore it together!

Slovakia – Get Lost in Paradise | DJI Phantom 2 in 2.7k Resolution from Elevate Studio Ltd on Vimeo.

Slovakia is located in the middle of Europe. Slovakia is divided into 8 sections (in Slovak “kraj”), which correspond roughly to the areas surrounding the eight largest cities.Slovakia is a small and colorful country in Central Europe, full of lovely surprises. Come and see the greatest treasures of our cultural and natural heritage filed with the UNESCO list. Discover the tops of High Tatras, the unique beauty of underground caverns, diverse nature overflowing with colours in each of the four seasons. Examine the healing powers of thermal springs in Slovak spas, wellness facilities and entertaining water parks.Set out for a journey to discover new culture, to enjoy sports in winter and summer, to have a great time and on the way gather new knowledge. We invite you for a shopping spree, to taste the great Slovak cuisine and excellent Slovak beer or quality Slovak wines. We also hope that because of our effort you will be longing to visit and see this beautiful country in the middle of Europe again. The independent Slovak State was established in Slovakia in 1939 as an outcome of international events, however, the end of the Second World War brought about restoration of Czecho-Slovakia. The communist party gradually seized power in the country and the communist dictatorship was overthrown only through the Velvet Revolution in 1989. The democratic process exposed several problems, which resulted in the break-up of the common state of the Czechs and Slovaks and the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic (1 January 1993).Slovakia is a member of the European Union from May 2004. In December 2007, it became part of the Schengen Area and from 1/1/2009, upon the adoption of the single European currency Euro, Slovakia also became one of the countries of the European Monetary Union.

Image Credit: vjv. com

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