Everything you need to know about the world of Blogs.

You want your blog to invite readers in and keep them coming back for updates. Great blogs are vibrant and visually interesting, but they are also thoughtful and purposeful. Every post matters for generating and holding attention. It looks into the common factors that contribute to the success of a blog, the technical features as well as the common mistakes bloggers do. Welcome to the Journal Edge! Whether you’re new to the Blogging world  or a more experienced content expert, this Article will give you the practical advice you need to help manage your blogging efforts throughout each stage.

A  Blog can be described as a very simple webpage where the  entries  (or  posts)  are  organized in reverse chronological order. A blog is usually open to the public and many are free to create. A  hosting  service  is  a  website  that will allow users  to create a blog on their server. The hosting service will require you to register a username and password. The hosting service will have an admin page consisting of forms where you can add content for your blog. This simplifies the process of updating your blog. The hosting service will also supply a range of style templates to decorate you blog. It will provide some useful accessories such as a flash movie viewer or a facility to update your blog using email. A Blog is also defining  as ‘a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks’. Hyperlinks are an important part of blogging and can really increase your credibility. They create a sense of conversation, act like citations in more informal circumstances, and demonstrate that you are engaged with other people’s work. Audio and visual interest helps grab a reader’s attention. Blogs give writers the opportunity to use design, images, audio, and video to supplement their writing. Blogs and social media are tightly connected. Blogs are organized in special Blog directory websites  or are linked to websites that connect the reader with content of their interest ( Pintrest, Tumbler, Stumbleupon etc). Large portion of bloggers utilize other social media tools- Youtube, Tweeter, Facebook and this only comes to show that blogging is a tool that has a lot of potential when reaching large audience is concerned. Nowadays blogs can be utilized in marketing activities and as means for communication with company’s interest groups. Blogs can be a great platform for companies to establish closer connection with their customer base, deliver company values and give more personable image of the company. During the past year blogs have become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. Once the preserve of technically-minded enthusiasts, blogging has begun to transform key areas of society such as journalism and politics and now seems set to rival e-mail as a medium for personal communication. The number of blogs is increasing exponentially. If you’re not blogging already, and you have the capabilities to do so, you should seriously consider it – because your competitors probably are, too. Blogs require limited training and/or technical skill to use while providing flexibility to update or modify content quickly. As an added bonus, blogs are inexpensive. blogs are easy to start and hard to maintain. Writing coherently is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for a human being to undertake. So, far from blogs being a cheap strategy, they are a very expensive one, in that they eat up time. As a result, many blogs are not updated, thus damaging rather than enhancing the reputation of the organization. A number of blog-related technological innovations are attracting interest in the published literature. The reality is that in today’s content-driven world, while you may view yourself as a marketer, you’re really a publisher. You must provide relevant content for your prospects, customers and the public who spend over 8 hours a day consuming media. As part of your firm’s owned media, blogs offer a branded context for your communications through the use of blog design elements that can be exported with the content. You can extend your brand without paying for third party media. Blogs can expand your message delivery through email and RSS feeds at no additional cost. Blog posts can also be automatically collected into email digests. Weblogs also provide a way to reach the niche audiences which are so important to small businesses. Blogs can be used to demonstrate expertise in a particular business area. Blogging is especially useful for small-business owners, consultants, freelancers, and anyone who will benefit most from being known as an innovator in his or her particular field of expertise. Moreover, the comments feature of blogs provides a simple way for readers to respond to posts. There are many free and inexpensive blogs, such as WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad. Some blogs are hosted online by their provider others require the user to install the blogging software on a server. But in my way WordPress is an all-purpose platform with multiple free design templates (“themes”) and high capacity for text, images, and video. Blogs are a public tool and a forum that can be used to express personal viewpoints. It is very  important  that  teachers  and  students  are  aware of copyright issues  and  netiquette when expressing their view point on a blog.  One of the great things about blogging is the impact it has made on communication throughout the world. Blogs can report news as it happens, hold mainstream media to higher standards and provide specific news and information to meet niche interests. Think about why are you starting a blog and why people should be interested in following you. Once you start blogging, you’ll find yourself becoming a better writer and thinker. Mastering content takes creative thought. When you become immersed in creating great pieces of content for your blog, your writing, thinking and research skills improve in the process. Blogs are wonderful tools to help people establish themselves as experts in a field or niche. We all have some kind of interest and expertise to share with others. If you’re able to produce great content on your blog and/or have a unique point of view on the topic, then be assured that your future audience will recognize it and reward you for it.

I started blogging in beginning of 2013 and since then I have been interested in the blogging community and followed closely other bloggers. I have met with the issues every beginner meets such as striving to gather following, generate useful content etc. This process has made me think about the factors that make a blog successful. The process of the research has been a very useful learning experience. It has provided theoretical background to my practical experience with blogging and has given me an insight of the experience of professionals who have used blogs for marketing for several years. Blogging is a topic that is mainly explained in the context of a tool for digital publishing and seeing it from marketing angle has been both engaging and insightful. I found it helpful to learn not only about the successful ways to use a blog but also to discover the common mistakes bloggers do and learn from them. As a blogger I will take them into consideration in my own blogging activity.

Disclaimer: Journal Edge has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this Article. The Blog does not accept any legal responsibility for consequences that may arise from errors, omissions or any opinions given. This Article is not a substitute for specific professional advice on commercial or other matters.

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