Doleshwor Mahade, Nepal

Doleshwor Mahadev is located at Sipadol VDC, south eastern part of Bhaktapur District, Nepal. 20 Km. from Kathmandu city. It is approximately 30 mins. drive from Kathmandu city to Doleshwor Mahadev. Pandavas went to Kedarnath area seeking forgiveness of Lord Shiva for loss of lives in 18 day long Mahabharata war. Lord Shiva did not want to forgive Pandavas and disguised himself as a Bull. Pandavas on realizing that Bull is Lord Shiva tried to stop it. On doing so Head got separated from body. The hump backed structure of Bull in Uttarakhanda’s Kedarnath temple is worshiped body part of Holy Bull, Lord Shiva which gets completed by Holy Yatra to Doleshwor Mahadev and then to Pashupatinath. The body of the bull is presently worshipped in the Kedarnath Temple. People have been searching for the head of the bull since the period of the Mahabharata as they believed that it was hidden in the Himalayas. But so far all search proved futile and now Bhim Shankarling Shivacharya who was on a visit to Nepal happened to visit Jangam math in Bhaktapur in Nepal and was surprised by the striking resemblance of rituals followed in Kedarnath and Bhaktapur. Thus the temple is believed to be for the head of the bull at KedarNath Temple.


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