Yumbulagang Palace

Yumbulagang, about 11 km southwest of Tsetang, was built by the first Tibetan king, Nyatri Tsenpo, in the 2nd century AD , and was the first palace in Tibet. Situated in the hilltop of southeast of Tsedang, Shannan Area, it was changed into a temple during the Songtsen Gampo times, and become one of the Gelugpa temple in the reign of the fifth Dalai Lama. The name“Yumbu” means female dear named after the shape of the Jormo Zhaxi Ceri Mountain which looks like a female dear and “Lagang” means sacred palace. Hence the name of Yumbulagang is translated as ”the sacred palace of mother and son” in Tibetan. As one of the first buildings in Tibet, the palace has a watchtower styled building with many historical relics kept inside. It is a must see for tourists who are interested about Tibet history. The monastery was built on a mountain summit. You can climb up to it in about 20 minutes, or ride a horse up for 35 yuan. Locals with their horses will rush up to you offering horse ride services as soon as you arrive at the bottom of the mountain where the monastery is located. The road up the mountain is half cement step road and half dirt road. It is steep, so walk slowly if you choose to climb. You may feel a bit out of breath (especially because of the altitude) during your climb. If so, take it easy, and take a breath.

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