Sveti Stefan – a charmed coastal village resort in Montenegro with 15th-century architecture and an expansive forested estate.

Sveti Stefan, now Aman Sveti Stefan including the Villa Miločer is a small islet and hotel resort in Montenegro, approximately 6 kilometres southeast of Budva. Big attraction on the Riviera of Budva is Sveti Stefan. The former fishing village situated on a peninsula became  a hotel-town 50 years ago and that’s how one wonderful place, where even the most famous people like  Claudia Shiffer and Sylvester Stallone like to spend their time, has been made.According to the tradition, a fortification  was built in 1442. on the island of Sveti Stefan and in that  period people settled there. A wall was built around the fortification in order to provide protection for families from surrounding places before the Turkish and pirate’s invasion.According to legend the settlement was established after an armed attack of Pastrovici against the Turkish crew galleys and they built a fortress from what they had confiscated with one house for each twelve Pastrovic tribes. On the balcony above the entering door in Sveti Stefan, court house of Pastrovici  shared justice and solved disputes therefore it’s called  the“place of justice”.There are small churches in Sveti Stefan: Svati Stefan church, after which the island got its name and it is placed at the highest part of the peninsula; the Church of Alexander Nevski, and the smallest one dedicated to the Holy Converting, is situated at the entrance to the town, which is connected  with the shore by a narrow causeway.

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