Tatra National Park, Poland

Tatra National Park is a National Park located in the Tatra Mountains in Tatra County, in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship—Małopolska region, in central-southern Poland bordering on northern Slovakia. Recognised as a world biosphere reserve, the parks greatest quality are its numerous species of plants and animals and a series of glacial lakes.It was founded in 1954, occupying an area of 21,164 hectares, declared a world biosphere reserve and is one of the better known Polish national parks. It includes the area of the highest Polish mountains with tracts of forests on their north-facing slopes. This terrain is typical of the geological structure of alpine fold mountains. Characteristics include crags, jagged rocks, mountain caves, sharp-edged peaks and countless glacial lakes. The highest peaks are over 2000m above sea level with the first place going to the Rysy range (2499m above sea level).An important asset of the Tatra National Park are its numerous glacial lakes (called ponds) characterised by their exceptionally clear water. The largest of these are Morskie Oko (with an area of 34.5 hectares and a depth of 50.8m) and Wielki Staw Polski. There are also fast-flowing streams and waterfalls (the largest being Wielka Siklawa – 70m high). A majar attraction is the Mickiewicz Wodogrzmoty.The Tatra National Park is a site of many protected species of animals and plants. It is relatively easily accessible to visitors thanks to the well sign-posted and managed tourist trails.

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