The Quilotoa Loop – @journaledge

The Quilotoa Loop is a hiking trail that passes through some remote Andean villages in Ecuador. It usually takes 3-4 days but can be done in less time if you take the bus between some of the towns. The highlight of the loop is the stunning crater lake in the town of Quilotoa.The Quilotoa Loop is a spectacular multi-day hike between tiny farming villages in mountains of Ecuador, where the mostly European backpacker crowd makes way for the locals – indigenous families, herds of sheep, mules, and donkeys. The gem is the lagoon – Laguna Quilotoa – where an inmense stretch of turquoise blue water, shifting in color with the clouds, sits neatly in an enormous volcanic crater. A day trip from Quito to Quilotoa is a popular day-trip tour, but a hike through the mountains of Quilotoa is an adventure! 

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