Turkmenistan Travel Guide.

Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia bordered by the Caspian Sea and largely covered by the Karakum Desert. It’s known for archaeological ruins including those at Nisa and Merv, major stops along the ancient trade route the Silk Road. The people of Turkmenistan are predominantly Turkmen, also spelled Turkoman, in both ethnicity and language. Turkmenistan traditionally was home to a sizeable ethnic Russian population, but they largely relocated to the Russian Federation following the break up of the Soviet Union. According to the 1995 census 77 percent of the population are Turkmen, 9 percent Uzbek and 7 percent Russian.Turkmenistan is largely covered by desert, with intensive agriculture located in irrigated oases. One-half of its irrigated land is planted with cotton, making it the world’s tenth largest producer.The climate of Turkmenistan is strictly continental and very dry, since the country is not surrounded from an ocean. The summer is very hot and mostly. Want More Latest travel advice for Turkmenistan including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health,please email us.


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    What did you think of Ashgabat? Probably the strangest place I’ve been to, still not sure what to think about it!

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