British Columbia | Canadian Province

British Columbia or BC or B C is the westernmost province in Canada. Like much of the rest of Canada, it is a large place. British Columbia is about four times the size of Great Britain with less than one tenth of the population. The history of British Columbia began with the migration of people from Asia across the Bering land bridge (now the Bering Strait) to modern-day Alaska and British Columbia, and destinations farther afield. These First Nations people have lived and flourished on the natural resources of British Columbia for well over ten thousand years, sustained by the bountiful salmon runs and abundant berry crops and indigenous wildlife. The birthplace of British Columbia is the small community of Yuquot (below), also known as Friendly Cove, the site of the first contact between Europeans and First Nations people in British Columbia. The Rockies in a crowded parade until they fall into the Pacific. Thousand year old trees that deftly divide the light falling on an impossibly green forest floor. Glacier-fed streams that pour through steep valleys to join swollen rivers.This abundant, nurturing landscape has sustained our ancient societies for 10,000 years. And today, some of those settlements have grown into cities that cling to the edge of wilderness, and won’t let go. Because the people here, are here for a reason: to live within arm’s reach of nature’s richness. To ski world-renowned resorts, surf Pacific swells, swim in shockingly clear mountain lakes, hike to a glacier and back in a day. And all that activity breathes energy into our culture of hospitality.

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