Chandrakhani Pass – Adventurous Trekkers Paradise

The Chandrakhani Pass Trek is a perfect get away which will keep coming to your mind for a long time.The Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh and its surrounding mountains are nestled in two beautiful and mighty ranges – Pirpanjal and Dhauladhar. The journey covers the spectacles of Kullu valley, passing through a rich forest that is a home to several animal and bird species. Further, the trail cutting across small and gushing streams and walking through narrow ridges makes it more adventurous and strenuous. The Chandrakhani Pass Trek, which stretches from an elevation of 2,050 meters to 3,660 meters, despite being one of the moderate and low altitude treks in Himachal Pradesh requires the trekker to get acclimatized to the prevailing conditions. Chandrakhani Pass is one of the most popular Himalayan treks with moderate difficulty. Legend says that the chief deity of #Malana was passing through this route carrying a basket full of Gods of Kullu. Somehow his basket opened and all the gods blew over Kullu, since then this region is known as the Valley of Gods. Chandrakhani Pass provides enthralling views of Deo Tibba and Pin Parvati range of mountains. One can see the snow clad Himalayan peaks with imposing heights and the most amazing yet dramatic sunrises ever. The trek begins from the village of Naggar, located about 21 km from the town of Manali. The popular trek route of Chandrakhani Pass involves a circular route from Naggar to Chandrakhani Pass and back to Manali via Malana. From the village of Naggar, the trek begins with a gradual ascent upto Rumsu and Ganachalini. The path is through forested cover of pine, deodar, and chestnut. The trek then breaks out to the alpine meadows at higher altitudes. The view from these meadows of the Kullu valley, Manali, Pir Panjal, and Bara Bhangal ranges is spell-binding. from chaklani the pass is clearly visible and a moderate walk of an hour will reach us at the chanderkhani pass. where you see the snow covered peaks like deo tibba, hanuman tibba, kinnar kailash and parvati valley from the top. It is a holy place for the locals and for the diverse species of himalyan herbs. The pass is shaped like a crescent moon hence the name. After June there will be little snow on the ground, and a rising traverse up the curved ridge leads to the top. Extensive panorama all round of the Bara Bangahal, Pin Parbati ranges. In the month of june and july you will find some dhabas on the way where you can eat if hungry. In the end chanderkhani pass is a ultimate trek destination for those who like to experience nature very close. So get ready and enjoy the trek.

Things to Pack: Rucksack, cotton clothes, good trekking shoes, a warm jacket,warmer, woolen or monkey cap covering head and ears, UV rays protected sunglasses, raincoat, extra socks, water bottle, torch, cold cream, sunscreen, toilet soap, towel, walking Stick medicines that you usually use.

For more details about the trek, contact author- Vikas Acharya.

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