Lets Trip to Horseshoe Bend Arizona

It is about a 3/4 mile walk out to the edge overlooking Horseshoe Bend. At Horseshoe Bend, as you stand on the edge of the canyon you can see the river and take incredible photo’s. This place has become highly memorable and many people seek it out when they are in the Grand Canyon area. Many visitors are not aware that the Grand Canyon is surrounded by many small canyons and Horseshoe Bend is beginning to be expected to be in the Grand Canyon. However, it is just several miles from the beginning of the National Park and is growing in popularity annually. Now people are adding it to their Grand Canyon experience…because they can have their picture taken and it feels like you “IN” the Grand Canyon…making it feel like you are in the Grand Canyon near the Colorado River.After a 0.75 mile hike, visitors can reach the rim of Horseshoe Bend, and from there stand in awe of the different layers of stone that have taken millions of years to form and accumulate atop one another. Among these many layers of sandstone, mudstone, and sedimentary rocks, one of the most interesting layers is that containing the “Navajo Sandstone”. Navajo Sandstone is made up of cemented sand from a 200 million-year-old sand sea, possibly the largest sand dune system in North America. Another unique feature in the area is the petroglyphs (rock art), which were left by the native Anasazi and Ancestral Puebloans, which can be found by the river in Glen Canyon.


Many Many thanks for your visit and support comment :)

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