Saidpur Temple – Islamabad, Pakistan

Saidpur Village situated on the slopes of Margalla Hills in Islamabad is one of the oldest villages of Pakistan. More than five hundred years old Saidpur Village is known for its heritage, history and folklore. These days the village is serving as one of the favorite picnic place in Islamabad for both local and foreign visitors. The village inclining on the slopes of Margalla Hills presents an attractive view in soft light of morning and evening.Predominant Hindu was living here at first. When both the countries got the freedom and separated from each other, most of the Hindu peoples migrated to their new country. A Temple of Hindu believer is left here to tell us the story.This Temple shows a very good gesture of the local community that they did not delete it from the history. All the walls are painted for the visitor obviously but it is not the only symbol of its attraction, there are many more. A 3 domes building complex is situated near by this Temple. A double story building is next to it where Hindu orphanage used to live in. This building is converted into a school and a museum was built in the first building where you can find the history of this village. Its past and present pictures are available in this museum. A picture story is there about the transformation of it. Nearly one million inhabitants live in this area and most of the peoples are cultivating the crops and vegetables.


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