What is a Blog?

Blog Magic

It looks into the common factors that contribute to the success of a blog, the technical features as well as the common mistakes bloggers do. Welcome to the Blog Magic! Whether you’re new to the Blogging world  or a more experienced content expert, this Article will give you the practical advice you need to help manage your blogging efforts throughout each stage.

What is a ‘Blog’? A Blog is defining  as ‘a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks’. Blogs and social media are tightly connected. Blogs are organized in special Blog directory websites  or are linked to websites that connect the reader with content of their interest ( Pintrest, Tumbler, Stumbleupon etc). Large portion of bloggers utilize other social media tools- Youtube, Tweeter, Facebook and this only comes to show that blogging is a tool that has a lot of potential when…

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