Raas-Garba | Typical Gujarati folk dances that everyone can participate in.


Raas-Garba is a night of energetic and playful dancing that commonly takes place before weddings. Raas and Garba are typical Gujarati folk dances that everyone can participate in. You don’t even know how to dance – we’ll teach you the basics. The steps are easy to learn, and it’s fun to watch even if you’re not the dancing type!   Garba is done solo and involves rhythmic steps in a circular form. There are simple versions that involve repeating a short sequence of steps, or more complex versions that require a little coordination. Different groups of people are doing different things simultaneously, so it is easy to jump in wherever you’re comfortable. Each song is quite long (about 30 minutes) but you don’t have to do it continuously – people leave and join all the time. The music starts off slow, but speeds up as time goes on so things get fun and crazy at the end.

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