#Goddess Budho Mata mandir mubarik pur, Haryana.

Let us tell you about today is an ancient temple where people have different wonderful things out . This  is holy temple of budho mata in mubarikpur Village, District Gurgaon, Haryana.


 Every year millions of people across India visit mubarikpur to worship their goddess. It is believed that Mostly newly married couples come to take blessings of the goddess mostly the newly born babies gets their first hair cut here according to Hindu Mythology. Here we meet the local person ” Mukesh Kumar” S/O Sh Revti Prasad Residence at Mubarikpur. I spent mostly 3 Hrs with Mr Mukesh Over there and hey says that There is a Nearby Railway station Farukhnagar, Its running since British Raj. Its 56 Km away from Indian capital , Delhi. Every Wednesday a fair is organized here which is visited by many local residents and tourists.


Many Many thanks for your visit and support comment :)

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