How to see India on the Cheap?

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The role of the tour operator is to essentially sell accommodation, transport, activities and transfers in a combined all-inclusive package. The travel industry is highly structured, and businesses within the industry tend to specialize in one or a small number of functions driven by their core business. Understanding the structure of the travel trade is important for a company in developing its core business strategy, making marketing decisions, and investing for growth. Travel agencies are perhaps the most visible companies in the travel trade. Their primary businesses is to resell accommodations, transportation services (including airplane and train tickets, car and bus transfers) individual services including guide and translator services, and package services such as sightseeing tours. Within each agency, there is often a focus on either inbound or outbound trade, with the outbound agencies focusing either on ticketing services and accommodation bookings, or on package holidays. Travel agencies generally serve a mix of long and short haul markets, although some specialize in long haul markets. below are some points that clearly means that ” How to see India on the Cheap”.

Pick the perfect route & Itinerary with you

Make plan to adventure Trekking & mountains

Take Single tours

Plan to visit India in Festival season

If you are Adventurous take Trekking & Adventure Tours

If you are Nature Loving take Safaris & Wildlife Tours

If you need to Meditate and think about meditation, Yoga is the best and perfect way to get Recreation & Relaxation

Must see Rural & Agricultural site of India

If you are Interested travel to North India, please contact author for suggestions/ Advice (hotels, car rental, resorts, sight seeing and adventure) author is not a booking agent or tour operator, and does not charge any service fees to users of our site. for More details please fill-up the below form and get free Travel Advisory from Travel Expert. 


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