Check out the Must Travel Packing List for Women.

Each year, more and more women decide to traveling alone. Going solo means making your own schedule and getting to do what you want, when you want. Traveling alone can challenge in a positive way. Traveling makes people better and smarter. Getting ready to pack for travel? The number of female travelers is at an all-time high; whether businesswomen, students, teachers, volunteers, or tourists, over 40% of travelers today are women. But when it comes to health and security, and how travelers are affected by the religious and cultural beliefs of the foreign countries they visit, there’s a huge difference between women and men. The truth is that women face greater obstacles, especially when travelling alone. While business travel has gotten safer and easier for female travelers, women traveling alone still need to take some special precautions on the road to protect themselves. Check out the List for must-pack items.

Passport/ visa

Wallet money/ credit card (Carry only enough money to purchase what you need)

Water bottle





Dirty-clothes bag

Casual shoes


Long-sleeve undershirt

Light jacket/rain jacket

Cotton shirts


Light-weight pants or shorts

Sun lotion

laundry soap

Shampoo, face wash,

Body Lotion


Bath towel

Makeup items

Phone charger /adapter



Hair dryer





Small lock


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  1. afarawayhome says:

    Gotta have tweezers! and a pen, always travel with a pen 🙂

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