Guest Post: 11 Sleep Hacks for Air Travelers


Getting decent sleep on a flight is not an easy feat. As if spending hours on an upright seat isn’t bad enough, you also have annoying onboard neighbor, flight turbulence or a wailing child to worry about. Sleep deprivation can be a serious problem for frequent flyers, especially businessmen who have to attend meetings in one city on another. Here are some expert tips to frequent flyers to avoid sleep deprivation.

  1. Pack Your Sleep Gear

Be sure to pack, all the sleeping gear you need to sleep comfortably on a flight. Items such as eye-mask, ear plugs, noise blocking headphones and your favorite neck pillow should be in your carry on. It’s also a good idea to bring along stuff that helps you settle down for sleep, maybe a light book or essential oil. Interior Designer Michael Smith keeps orange essential oil with him while travelling and sprays on his…

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